Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Runners

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or Easter, there’s always a good excuse to get that runner in your life the gear they deserve. Especially if that someone is you. Here are some ideas, even if you need them last minute.

1) Brooks Ghost 14 Running Shoes (Currently $82.99)

– Now that the Ghost 15s are out, you can get the 14s at a fairly low price and know you have 300-500 comfortable running miles in front of you. I have tried running at various times of my life and would always have knee pain that would bubble to the top before I could get a month in. This was the one piece of running equipment I treated myself to early and I credit it for keeping me healthy and in the sport.

2) JLab Headphones (Currently $39.95)

– I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on headphones but still wanted something that I could sweat on and handle roughly. I’ve bought several pair that stopped charging after a month or two, but I finally found a pair that sound good, have good battery life, and longevity. One of my big pet peeves is having to adjust my ear buds while I run, these stay in place without much issue.

3) Sporteer K1 Running Belt (Currently $29.99)

– As I increased my mileage my hands got tired of holding my phone while I ran. At the same time, I was leaving the house for longer periods and wanted to be able to comfortably stash my key and phone while I ran. This belt has been perfect. I have a small waist (30 inches) and this belt allows me to tighten it up enough to keep it snug. I’ve never had a rubbing issue with this belt, and it stays tight even through my 10 milers.

4) Frueo Workout Shirts (Currently $31.44 for a 3-pack)

– As my mileage increased, my regular run shirts became incredibly uncomfortable to run in. My shirt would eventually become soaked and would rub against my body for the remaining 4 miles of the run creating some very uncomfortable rub spots. These shirts solved the issues immediately and with a 3 pack, I normally have 1 clean and ready to go.

5) Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 Shoe (Currently $139.95)

– This was the second pair of running shoes ever bought. I enjoyed the support I received from the Ghost 14 and wanted to see what it was like to buy a shoe with even more support. These were the most comfortable pair of shoes I had ever owned and running in them felt great. You don’t feel every bump from the ground underneath you and it really allows you a nice smooth ride.

Winter purchases

1) TSLA Thermal Long Sleeve (Currently $19.98)

– The fit is perfect on this long sleeve and allows me to comfortably run in temps as low as 30 with just another long sleeve on top. I have never owned a thermal top but was very satisfied with this purchase.

2) New Balance Lightweight Gloves (Currently $15.98)

– My hands start to get cold as soon as I run in weather starting at 55 degrees. These gloves are perfect for 30–55-degree weather, your hands won’t get too hot and the anti-slip grip works very well. They are also easy to take off and stash in a pocket for everyday wear. 

3) Danish Endurance 3 Pack Running Socks (Currently $24.95)

– Not a whole lot to say about these. They stay in place perfectly, provide a slight bit of cushion while running, and most importantly, keep your feet warm during long runs. 

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